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Gallo is an independent artist/producer who is the rapper behind the NBA SOUND UP tracks and the voice and music production behind the Canelo vs GGG 2 Rematch. He has performed in many venues, schools and events all across the East Coast such as Jacksonville Fl, Miami Fl, NYC NY, West Palm Beach Fl, Scranton Pa, Brooklyn NY, Allentown Pa, Bethlehem Pa, Newark NJ, Harlem NY and Ft Lauderdale. He has entered and won “Dream REborn song contest” hosted by and Jee Juh productions “Best Song Contest”. Gallo has had a write up on and has been interviewed by The Pocono Record, The Express Times and Leigh Valley Live newspapers. Gallo has a featured song on titled “NBA Rooks” and has recently dropped his P.E.M album which has received great reviews. He is also a member of an internet band called the dead clowns.

Gallo has produced the following albums for various independent artists across the globe: “The Gift”, “Then Game Changer”, “Breaking down Barriers” and his own P.E.M. album. He has also produced music for various companies such as NBA TV, FOX NFL and SPEED TV as well as MMA fighters, indoor football teams and other sporting events. The following music videos are also apart of Gallo’s accomplishments: Ride On Em, Ima Push, Music is My Hero, Believe, Hold on and All Day.

Gallo is the founder of P.E.M (Positive Energy Movement) whose goal is to reach the masses through his positive music, videos and outreach projects. He supports many charities and loves giving back to his community. Through his positive mind frame and life, he creates an environment that will help to change people’s lives. He stands out amongst the crowd with his wiliness to go against the grain to promote positive thinking and growth.

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Music Production - "Gallo On The Beat"
Click and Listen to the PEM Album

Click and Listen to the PEM Album

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Click To Download The March Forth Album

Live Performance

"PEM came to Bangor Area School District and made a huge impact on teachers, students and PTSA! Gallo's ability to capture an audience is intense and amazing" - Jennifer Newland, Bangor Middle School 

"Indie artist with mainstream capabilities and sound who can fit in multiple genres. He brings songwriting and lyricism to the forefront of positive music." - Steven Bling, Ice n Bling Productions

When it comes to the local music scene, Gallo is par for the course Through his professionalism and his many talents he delivers his music and professionalism like a boss" - Lady Spitfire, The Indie Authority

The PEM will transcend how music and thought is relayed. In a world of choas, we need more positive messages to portray to the youth of our world and to uplift the people. Gallo and PEM are are a concept and way of life we should all be listening to." - Nicole Mcfadden, Truth Reloaded
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